Hello World

Welcome to my blog! I have been working on and off setting this up for a couple of months, and now it's in a decent enough place to start writing.

What are you going to blog about?

I'm hoping to use this space to share my experiences and thoughts related to software development, but I may also ramble on about punk rock, tabletop rpgs, video games or whatever I feel like.

What is this built with?

This site uses a Clojure based markdown-to-static-site backend that I built. The site's static assets are then hosted using GitHub Pages. This enables a low-friction authoring experience that allows me to change the site as I see fit.

I made the fun mistake coupling building this site + learning Clojure, which took some time to get comfortable with as it's my first Lisp. Even though it took longer than expected to build, I don't regret it as I learned a ton about Clojure and had a blast building it.